Caviar, the luxury atelier specializing in Apple products, unveiled a heart-shaped custom AirTag for Valentine's Day, offered as a present when buying a custom phone from the new jewelry smartphone edition – Garden of Eden. The most expensive smartphone from this collection reaches a price of $60 350.

Caviar, a high-end workshop renowned for its customizations of Apple devices, has revealed a specially crafted heart-shaped AirTag just in time for Valentine's Day. This exclusive item is being gifted with the purchase of a customized smartphone from their latest jewelry-themed edition – “Garden of Eden”.

This stunning series features five custom iPhone 15 Pro models adorned with diamonds, gemstones, and Swarovski crystals. The most expensive smartphone from this collection reaches $60,000. A custom AirTag accompanying the purchase of this phone will play the role of a luxury gift card.

The flagship of this collection, the Panther Gold 18K, boasts a chassis entirely crafted from 18K gold. Its exquisite panther bas-relief is adorned with black diamonds, totaling an impressive 159 diamonds. For those seeking a more affordable option, a variant of this model features Swarovski crystals alongside gold plating. The company’s aim is to transform the iPhone into a jewelry piece of Panthere de Cartier level.

The iPhone 15 Pro Bird of Paradise is accented with 24K gold plating and adorned with 139 Swarovski crystals. The Wonderful Orchid boasts red calfskin, enhanced by 24K gold plating, featuring 9 diamonds, and delicately finished with enamel accents. The Lovely Butterflies model is embellished with white calfskin, showcases 35 diamonds and is elegantly finished with luxurious 24K gold plating.

The heart-shaped AirTag comes as a present, but it is also available for purchase separately from the iPhone 15 Pro models. It can be used as a stylish accessory for a handbag.

Prices for the Garden of Eden collection begin at $ 9 630 for the iPhone 15 Pro Wonderful Orchid, with the iPhone 15 Pro Max Panther Gold 18K commanding the highest price tag of $ 60 350.

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