Following the highly anticipated Apple Event 2024, Caviar, the leader in ultra-luxury custom phones and electronics, proudly unveils the Criss-Cross, a limited-edition custom iPad Pro 2024 priced over $ 10 000.

Caviar is a premium brand specializing in the creation of exclusive, handcrafted, and limited-edition luxury smartphones, tablets, and accessories. The company utilizes precious materials and rare finishes to transform everyday devices into works of art. This time Caviar has drawn inspiration from the Apple Event 2024 to customize the most advanced tablet - iPad Pro 2024.

“The Apple Event 2024 has been a source of great inspiration for the whole team Caviar. In our custom we abandoned the principle of "thin and light" in favor of "strong and brutal” to show that an iPad Pro 2024 can be different and unique” - commented Ana Al Hosani, the head of public relations, Caviar International.

The Criss-Cross embodies the daring spirit of Deadpool inhaling the gun barrel smoke from his Desert Eagle pistols after shooting a single bullet at three mercenaries. The device boasts a titanium casing with a premium PVD-coating, used in the finest Swiss timepieces production. Two decorative Desert Eagle Mark XIX guns, Wade Wilson's signature weapons, are intricately sculpted from aviation-grade titanium and embedded within the casing. A 24-karat gold panel surrounding the guns, adds a touch of opulence. All the elements are of decorative character.

Marvelous technical specs are the reason why the iPad Pro 2024 was chosen for this design. This is not just a statement piece; the Criss-Cross is built for exceptional performance. iPad Pro 2024 internal components ensure a seamless user experience, while the stunning Liquid Retina XDR display delivers unparalleled visuals.

Only 99 units of the Criss-Cross will be produced, making it a true collector's item for and tech aficionados alike. The price starts with $ 10 000.

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