Caviar, a Dubai luxury brand producing custom versions of top-notch, unveiled a collection of futuristic iPhone and Samsung, reflecting in their design the most prominent tech hits – Apple Vision Pro and Tesla Cybertruck. The prices start with $ 8 500.

Caviar, a high-end workshop renowned for luxury customizations of Apple and Samsung devices, has revealed a collection called “Future”. This groundbreaking series is created for luxury connoisseurs, drawing inspiration from iconic devices and machines.

The flagship of the series is iPhone 15 Pro Max Vision. Caviar designers were inspired by the aesthetics of Apple Vision Pro and incorporated its key design elements into the latest iPhone. The owners of Apple Vision Pro are offered to choose a custom smartphone that will compliment their headset. The design features unique elements – color accents, smooth lines of Apple Vision Pro, imitation of the lower panel, recognizable texture of the headset.

Another fantastic novelty is a mini version of Tesla Cybetruck made on the Samsung S24 Ultra chassis. The style of the Tesla Cybertruck was inspired by the science fiction of the 1980s, especially futuristic cars from the movie “Blade Runner” (1982). This custom smartphone echoes the contours of the revolutionary pickup – sharp lines, pure metal, geometric body and Cybertruck headlight color.

Among the captivating models featured in the collection, the Bionic M stands out as a true masterpiece that has been greatly influenced by the extraordinary "living" Mercedes Vision AVTR concept car. Other models include iPhone in the style of Zaha Hadid architecture and Azzam Yacht belonging to the Emir of Abu Dhabi.

Prices for the Future collection begin at $ 8 500 for the iPhone 15 Pro Vision, with the Samsung S24 Ultra Cybertruck reaching $ 10 000.

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