Caviar, an international luxury brand, presented a custom collection of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra on their website shortly after the Galaxy Unpacked event. The designs of the collection impress with their abundance of expensive materials, unusual colors, and references to masterpieces of world cinema. One of the phones even has a body made of 18-karat gold decorated with diamonds.

For 12 years, Caviar has been surprising fans with luxurious versions of Samsung and Apple gadgets. This time, the company attracted the attention of users by placing the custom collection of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra on their website just four days after the official presentation at Galaxy Unpacked.

The flagship of the Galaxy S23 range boasts amazing design solutions in terms of materials, patterns, and colors that were chosen for the reason. The collection includes smartphones in the Art Deco style with references to the work of famous creators, “gangster” phones with decorative weapons, and sports classics for fans of racing supercars. The most expensive phone in the collection is the golden Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, which is worth $ 52,210.

“This year, Samsung has put all its efforts into the stuffing, releasing the most advanced smartphones on the market. I watched the Galaxy Unpacked event and immediately called my guys to get to work. Such a cool phone as Ultra is worthy of gold execution,” said Serge Kitow, Caviar CEO.

Caviar artists find a variety of sources of inspiration for their ideas. Thus, the sci-fi anti-utopia of Fritz Lang was embodied in the design of the Samsung S23 Ultra Metropolis with a relief gold plate resembling the outline of a futuristic metropolis.

Women’s Art Deco designs follow the exotic patterns of nature, with the gold plates on the phone body of Bird of Paradise and Firebird, depicting feathers of bright birds.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Blade and Skull are masculine brutal smartphones that embody the hot temper and audacity of Latin American gangster culture, with decorative weapons made of titanium covered with 24K gold and inserted into the phone body. Sporty chic is presented in the form of the catchy model – Rage – made of carbon used in sports cars.

Prices for the collection of exclusive Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra start from $6,770 for Rage 256 GB. The gold Ultra costs $52,210.


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