Caviar has unveiled on its website the first custom Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, adorned with a tourbillon and bas-relief of a gold dragon, with a price exceeding $ 15 000. The new collection is dedicated to the greatness of the Samsung company – the dragon among technology companies.

Caviar is a luxury brand that creates extravagant versions of Samsung gadgets by combining rare materials and cutting-edge technologies. This time, the company's designers were inspired by the Galaxy Unpacked presentation that took place on January 17. The team pondered on the question of how to create a custom Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra that reflects the grandeur of the Samsung technology company.

The new collection of custom Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra by Caviar, named Era of Dragon, brings together the key symbols of the tech company – stars, time, and dragon. The dragon, considered a symbol of power in the East, is a perfect association with Samsung. The watches symbolize time, Samsung's time that comes with the updated flagship lineup. Stars represent the very first symbol of the global company, derived from its name - Sam Sung, translated from Korean as Three Stars.

The flagship of the Era of Dragon collection is the Samsung S24 Ultra Yong, priced at $ 15 000. The model is adorned with the three stars, a reference to the first Samsung logo, a one-minute tourbillon with a green dial, and a relief of an Eastern dragon coated with 24-karat gold. The dragon is meant to be a harbinger of good luck for all Samsung enthusiasts in the new year, which, according to the Eastern calendar, is the Year of the Green Dragon.

The collection is complemented by models adorned with zodiac constellations. What unites them with the flagship is the idea of combining Eastern and Western cultures and the luck brought by the stars. The company merges the wisdom of Western and Eastern traditions to amplify greatness and success. It is not coincidental that stars were chosen as the main symbol for Samsung, symbolizing luck.

The flagship costs $ 15 000 while zodiacal models’ process start with $ 9 000.

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