The function of a personalized greeting by Caviar's virtual ambassador is available.

Caviar is the first to open pre-orders for the custom iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max lineup. When ordering on the brand's website, you can request (prompt) to create a greeting or message by Caviar's virtual ambassador named Nero. A unique video message will be displayed on the screen when opening the new Caviar packaging - the Neurobox.

Caviar is an international company that specializes in the sale and customization of Apple and Samsung gadgets. The company's website features several limited collections of custom iPhones.

The presentation of the iPhone 16 Pro will take place in the fall, but users can already pre-order the new Apple device in Caviar's design. The company is the first in the world to list prices for the custom iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max on its website.

Pre-ordering provides the opportunity to be among the first owners of the iPhone 16 at a fixed price in the fall of 2024 with priority. The new iPhone will be packed with unprecedented AI features. Caviar follows Apple in this subject. Caviar's AI-based virtual assistant, Nero, will create a personalized video message or greeting for everyone who makes a pre-order.

To receive a greeting, you need to tell the manager or write a prompt on the website – a description of what the customer wants to hear from the AI assistant Nero, such as a birthday greeting. The personalized message will be seen by the client in the Neurobox – Caviar's new packaging with a built-in video.

For several years now, Caviar has been the first to start iPhone sales.