Caviar unveils custom iPhone 15 with titanium and fine gold chassis, the price is over $ 10 000. By customizing it with premium materials such as fine gold 24K, forged composites of dark red and violet colors, and highly anticipated titanium as chassis material. Caviar also presented its own Ultra model.

Caviar is a luxury brand based in Dubai, renowned for its fusion of impressive design, rare materials, and cutting-edge technology. This time Caviar has drawn inspiration from the Apple “Wonderlust” Event that destroyed constantly appearing insights such as iPhone 15 Pro in dark red and gold color, iPhone 15 Ultra with titanium chassis. The new custom iPhone series brought to life all fans’ expectations as a token of love for Apple.

One of the key highlights of these custom iPhone 15 series is the diversity of color options, 5 chassis to choose from. Apple fans have eagerly awaited iPhone 15 in deep red as a hero color, however this option is not available in iPhone 15 series. Caviar has fixed the situation by making the custom deep red chassis of forged carbon in dark red color taken from Lamborghini sports car production. The black Apple logo is made of black nacre as well as in all the collection models with a black logo version.

The flagship of the Rich Colors collection is iPhone 15 Ultra Gold priced at $ 10 500. Though Apple has not released iPhone Ultra, Caviar decided to name two devices after it to underline the degree of their elegance and prestige.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 15 in a golden chassis is not available as well. The unique smartphone by Caviar meets the demands of the most prosperous customers. Its chassis is covered with 18K gold with satin-finishing. The Apple logo in the center is made of solid gold 24K. This is a highly premium device for the chosen ones – celebrities, sportsmen, politicians and other elite representatives.

Another device with a gold Apple logo is Ultra Black. This iPhone boasts black titanium chassis and fine gold 24K Apple logo in the center. Caviar artists decided not to copy the deep purple color in this custom series, replacing it with dark violet. This chassis variation is made of forged carbon fiber composite. The violet fibers make a distant pattern that resembles Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” painting.

The prices start at $7560 for Dark Red and Starry Night models. The most expensive model is Ultra Gold, its cost is $10 810.

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