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Caviar Atelier is an exclusive design studio. We work with individual orders only creating unique, one-of-a-kind phone modifications based on the iPhone 13, 15 and the newest Samsung phones.

You can make minor modifications to the existing designs - engrave the name of the owner on the side or add a special inscription on the plaque, or work with our artists to create a completely new, exclusive design of any gadget.


Your logo,
monogram, initials

Want to create an expensive and valuablecorporate gift? Want to make your phone a true part of you and your family? Planning to celebrate an important date?Caviar designers will create an emblem, a beautiful monogram, or a unique logo or symbol to match your personal design.


Just send in your corporate or family logo and see how it looks on your iPhone, Samsung, Huawei or any other modern gadget of your choice.


Caviar craftsmen use unique and rare materials such as real alligator, ostrich, python and other exotic animal leather, diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other precious stones, as well as Double Gold Electroplating.Caviar designs also use the most innovative materials: ultra-durable aviation titanium, real automobile carbon, exotic marble carbon. These materials perfectly convey a sense of strength, courage, drive, and adrenaline in a sporty or classic style models.

Crocodile leather
Ostrich leather
Python leather

Caviar Atelier

Our design team creates a perfect look for your custom phone based on your wishes and global trends.

Sometimes it takes up to two months just to develop a design. Top designers and engineers from around the world bring the sketches to life and refine them to perfection. We pack your order into exclusive boxes, which can also play your favoritetune when opened. Thus, we demonstrate our personal approach and emphasize the uniqueness and importance of each of our clients.





Gemstone inlay


Caviar is

  • 11 years of iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Sony customization experience

  • 13 567 Successful orders

  • 69 Countries geography of clients

  • FREE The cost of your custom design

How to place a custom
design order

  1. Place an order for a custom design

  2. We draw a sketch and coordinate it with you

  3. Atelier craftsmen implement the project

  4. Courier delivers your order anywhere in the world

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