iPhone 15 Pro

A flawless update of Caviar's Gold Collection - Golden Era.

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Caviar's master artisans have delved into the art of working with gold from different eras. From the motifs of the palmette, popular in Ancient Persia and the Roman Empire, to the ornaments of the Renaissance and Modern era, to contemporary times - parametric and deconstructivist designs.

The intricate work of jewelers and technological luxury. The update of the Gold Collection is a tribute to the golden ideals of the past, an aspiration for perfection and prosperity.

Choose a style that reflects your individuality.

Customization at its finest.

18K Gold

Caviar's jewelry factory creates iPhone cases from solid 18-carat gold ingots. We choose 18K gold because it offers the best combination of noble color and strength. Caviar adheres to Cartier's standard, who craft their jewelry for everyday wear from 18K gold.

24K Gold plated

Caviar employs the Double Electroplated method to cover their phones with 24-carat gold, ensuring a coating thickness of 7 microns, which is twice the standard for jewelry. This endows Caviar's gilded phones with unmatched durability and an impeccable appearance, making them a successful alternative to solid gold in various price ranges.

We can add your initials, slogan, coat of arms, name, motto, or emblem to the luxurious case to personalize the design.

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