Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

Embodying the relentless spirit of business and brutality, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 stands as a bespoke marvel, adorned with a megalodon tooth fragment. Tailored exclusively for business sharks, this unique collection exemplifies strength and tenacity in every fold.


Why we choose Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 presents itself as an ideal smartphone for business professionals and multitaskers alike. Its foldable screen and robust processors ensure seamless performance, allowing resource-intensive business apps to run smoothly without any slowdowns. Additionally, the split-screen functionality empowers users to maximize productivity on this device, reaching new levels of efficiency.

For top-level business players

Ambitious and cold-blooded entrepreneurs, navigating the vast waters of the corporate world, driven not only by a thirst for success but also by impeccable strategic insight. Your resolute thinking and mastery of seizing every opportunity often lead to impressive victories in business and growing profits.

Predatory flagship

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 in Caviar design: cutting-edge tech, expensive look. Seamless multitasking and premium build empower ambitious business sharks to dominate the corporate arena with unrivaled style and functionality.

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20 million years
on your phone

You are ready to demonstrate aggression and determination when it comes to important matters. To show your teeth and make others respect your authority. The smartphone with an engraved shark is the embodiment of your unwavering will. Caviar's craftsmen have inserted a fragment of a megalodon tooth, the most uncompromising predator of ancient seas, into the lower jaw of the shark on your phone. You will receive a certificate of authenticity for the artifact, which is 20 million years old.

The most dominant predator

Megalodon, the immensely energetic and formidable predator, stands unmatched in history. Its massive teeth, some exceeding seven inches in length, were designed to crush its prey with unparalleled force, leaving no doubt about its immense power. Moreover, with its estimated length reaching up to 60 feet, the megalodon's sheer size and strength instill awe and fear, making it a legendary apex predator of ancient seas.

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Galaxy Z Fold 5

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