Caviar - a premium smartphone and accessory customization studio - showed what the new iPhone 14 would look like if all Apple exclusive patents were used and the feedback from its fans was considered.

It is no secret that the Caviar design team is very fond of the Apple brand. Some of our most creative modifications are based on the iPhone, and many employees and managers of the company are true fans of the brand from Cupertino.

The iPhone 14 comes out this Fall. We at Caviar have already opened pre-orders for the custom designs of this model and together with the world are waiting for the presentation of the new device in September.

To help pass the time, we decided to imagine what else an iPhone could look like. Inspired by Apple's “Think differently”, we read tens of thousands of comments from ordinary Apple users, studied Apple patents and applications in open sources, and created the "perfect iPhone 14” - with a new design and new functionality.

This bold concept is called the iPhone 14 Pro Switch because it combines the functions of a smartphone and a gaming console. We acknowledged the most frequent requests of Apple fans – the model has zero ports and no "Notch", the front camera was redesigned - now it does not protrude from the case, the Touch ID is back - now it is located under the screen, and the entire model is reliably protected by a durable titanium body.

The world has already seen many concepts of Apple devices – from folding models and VR devices to full-fledged cars. But so far no one has tried to imagine what a portable console from Apple could look like.

We tried to design a device that could be a phone, a portable console, and a full-fledged gaming station connected to a TV. For this "flexibility", we decided to call this unusual device - "Switch".

In our version, the iPhone 14 Switch has an additional screen for games, compact, built-in controls - sticks, buttons, and a touchpad.

If such a device was really released in 2022, we believe the fair price for it would be $1299 for the 128 GB version.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy our concept. And soon during the autumn Fall presentation, we will find out whether our designers managed to guess what the new iPhone 14 looks like and its features. But you can already pre-order a “classic” custom iPhone 14 from Caviar on the website of our atelier today!


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