Caviar complements the Visionaries line with a new smartphone dedicated to Steve Jobs and the first iPhone. The original design features pieces of the original first-generation iPhone 2g.

iPhone 13 Pro "iPhone 2G" is dedicated to Steve Jobs and his immortal creation, iPhone 2G. This model has a fragment of the motherboard of the very first-generation gadget built into its body. The original fragments of iPhone 2G were split into 19 pieces for 19 copies of the limited edition Caviar iPhone 13 Pro "iPhone 2G".

Parts of the original smartphone of the first generation were placed in a sealed apple-shaped capsule and filled with jewelry resin. The body made of aviation titanium is decorated with a laser-etched drawing of the iPhone 2G. The ornament shows the connection of the main elements of the smartphone with its heart - the motherboard located in the Apple logo.

For this capsule collection, I donated my own iPhone 2g. I perfectly remember my feelings when I first held this device - it was a new reality! I was holding the whole Internet in my hand. I remember how strange and unusual it was at first to use it, but after a couple of months, I could no longer imagine myself with a "button-phone". If you think about it, this phone kickstarted my hobby for Apple and, thus, inspired me to found Caviar. Our iPhone 13 Pro "2g" is a tribute to the great individual - the inventor who turned our world upside down - Steve Jobs, says Caviar founder Sergey Kitov.

The prices for the models of this capsule collection of 19 pieces start at 5,700 USD.