Caviar – Russian luxury smartphones and accessories brand – revealed exclusive iPhone 13 Pro designs featuring only eco-friendly, natural, and fully biodegradable materials. The body of each smartphone in this series will be crafted from sustainably sourced red mahogany. But the new designs will be pleasant not only to the eyes – gadgets will be decorated with natural materials, each with its own exquisite fragrance.

Designers of the new Eco collection based on iPhone 13 Pro will borrow aromas from ground coffee, natural vanilla, rosebuds, Alpine flowers, chamomile, and cornflower. These natural materials will be bound to the base with biocide-, plasticizer-, and solvent-free agents.

The natural smells of coffee, cornflower, rose, vanilla and chamomile persist for up to 3 months, and can subsequently be restored. The collection was created for the iPhone 13 Pro, but those who wish can order these designs on the iPhone 12 Pro. The limited edition of each of the designs - 99 copies.

The “green” collection by Caviar will feature four models: Vanilla Coffee -with grains of natural ground coffee and vanilla, Alpine Cornflower - with carefully picked Alpine cornflower, Spicy Rose - with dried rose petals, and Alpine Chamomile - decorated with a chamomile flower.

“We want to bring closer the new era of unity with nature. That is why Caviar is following Apple on the path to a responsible and sustainable attitude towards nature. Like Apple, we want to drive down our carbon footprint and decrease the use of carbon and harmful materials in our designs. Eco is our first collection made of 100% natural materials supplied by companies that source them sustainably and with minimal harm to nature. We encourage all fans of our brand to follow our endeavor," – stated the brand representative.

Smartphones in the Eco collection will help their owners get their minds off their daily routine and imagine that they are enjoying the breathtaking scenery of mountain peaks while drinking a cup of coffee with a pinch of vanilla or walking across vast Alpine meadows.


Prices for the Eco models start at 6 090 USD

To order on click https://caviar.global/collections/eco/