Inspired by Latin American and street culture, luxury smartphone and accessory brand Caviar launches the Desperado collection turning dangerous weapons into jewelry masterpieces.

Caviar designers managed to capture the mystique and calamity of a hot Latin American night by combining deep black aircraft-grade titanium and delicate gold motifs. The images of a bullet, dagger, and brass knuckles add more boldness, audacity, and glamor to the style of the collection.

The flagship model of the line is the Desperado Cartel smartphone. Its black titanium body with a gold street bandana-style pattern features a mesmerizing and terrifying calavera skull and removable decorative 24K gold-plated Double Electroplated bullet. A perfect choice for true rebels.

Real fighters will definitely choose the Knuckle model because the body of this smartphone is decorated with a stylized embossed image of brass knuckles and black titanium calavera skulls. Only a select few will be able to hold this luxurious "weapon" because the smartphone will be produced in a limited edition of 99 pieces.

The Daga de puño knife is the centerpiece of the Blade model. The decorative blade of the "daga" is made of PVD titanium, and the golden handle is decorated with fine floral patterns.

In addition to smartphones, the Desperado collection will also include a luxury watch with a real tourbillon, stylish Airpods, and a modified IQOS 3 tobacco heating device. Over time, new jewelry will be added to the collection.


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