The international brand of luxury smartphones and accessories Caviar presented on its website a new collection “Zodiac” based on the iPhone 14 Pro. While creating it, the company invited an astrologer to develop a new typology of stones in accordance with the elements, which influence zodiac signs.

Caviar has launched a new collection of smartphones based on the iPhone 14 Pro with three-dimensional maps of zodiac constellations made of precious stones. The brand hired an astrology consultant to design the collection.

The materials were collected with the help of a special stones classification. All signs of the zodiac circle belong to one of the four triads that are governed by the elements. These elements affect people’s strengths and weaknesses. In order to activate the positive energy of the element, one needs a talisman with its designation, made of organic materials.

In the collection "Zodiac" the elements are displayed by use of a panel with a starry sky made of calfskin and natural gemstones. Meteorites were also added to the designs on the astrologer’s recommendation, because the meteorite prevents a conflict between the stones referring to the elements and the stones of a particular zodiac sign.

"Zodiac" includes 4 smartphone models for the nearest zodiac signs in their element color. During December, the company will release the missing smartphone models with zodiac signs. Thus, for the fiery trine – Sagittarius, Lion and Aries – were chosen red rubies, red composite stone and carmine calf skin. For the trine of Air - Aquarius, Libra, Twins - white skin and natural diamonds were sorted out. The representatives of the earthly element - Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo - were offered black diamonds, graphite-black leather and black titanium. And for water signs - Fish, Cancer, Scorpion – they were given sapphires, blue composite stone and skin in indigo.

Caviar has a representative office in Dubai. People who purchase customized iPhone 14 Pro made by this technology brand in the UAE can have a chance to get a zodiacal smartphone as a present. As a part of the Christmas promotion campaign "Kingdom of Gifts" Caviar will choose a random purchaser living in the UAE and give them a custom smartphone from the zodiacal collection. In order to participate in the raffle you will need to buy a custom iPhone by Caviar from the 1st till the 31st December and share your date of birth while confirming your order.

“This is such a little miracle by Caviar. After all, we are a kingdom of gifts, and therefore it is necessary to surprise people. As the chief Santa of the company I will choose a random iPhone 14 Pro/Max buyer and put a zodiac phone in the box of that lucky person» (Serge Kitow, CEO of Caviar).

This is a royal gift because the price of zodiacal models is 4.5 times higher than the price of the basic iPhone 14 Pro range and starts from $8900 per iPhone 14 Pro 128 GB.

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